FLOW Pool and Studio is located near Methven, the village for Mt Hutt Ski Area. It stands on 20 acres looking up at the majestic Southern Alps and vast Canterbury Plains.  The holistic wellness hub has been designed and created to promote wellbeing and balanced living, offering space for pilates, yoga, hydrotherapy, physiotherapy, aquacise, flotation therapy, infrared sauna and spa pool.
Our aim is to facilitate better community health and connection.


Due to being a predominantly members only space, and no office staff on weekends, there are no same day bookings on Saturday or Sunday…these need to be pre-booked during the week.

If you are unwell DO NOT enter the premises,

If you:

– currently have a fever, sore throat, cough, sneezing or any other common symptom of COVID-19 
– are currently in self-isolation under the instruction of the NZ government
…………DO NOT enter the premises

  • Hand sanitise at the front entrance door prior to entry and wear a face covering

“I can’t find enough superlatives to describe the magical experience at Flow. The facilities are high class and elegant, the setting is jaw-dropping idyllic, and the customer service, from a highly talented team, is outstanding. If it’s difficult to get a booking, there’s a reason. It’s popular. Be patient – you won’t regret it. Thanks so much Flow”

“The wife and I were in need of a little R & R after a few hard days on the slopes. This place answered all our prayers and then some! Spectacular vies, immaculate, clean & modern facilities & wonderful, friendly staff. Huge thanks to Melanie and Suzy for looking after us. Methven is extremely lucky to have this place. Highly recommend”

After being prepped by the lovely Suzy I made my way to the shower to clean off the day before hopping in the pod. The bathroom is luxury with everything you need, so no need to take a thing.
Once in the pod I attempted to float! My neck and shoulders showed their tension as my head resisted the support of the water! I popped the halo on to help and let my body sink into the most amazing feeling of suspension, the temperature is perfectly controlled so you are completely warm in and out of the water, the pod itself is large enough to not have any feeling of claustrophobia, it’s gentle lighting helps sooth the senses and the music creates the brief for the mind to start unwinding. It took all the 10min musical introduction for my neck to start to let go! And after the music stopped and I was left in a state of wonderful nothing my muscles just stopped fighting.. my mind started to switch off and I was aware of the wonderful body jumps occurring as my body begun to let go. I slept, I cruised, I thought about all the people that need to be in here ( not with me tho!) and celebrated that my neck had stopped it’s tension that I’m so used to.
An hour went by with little regard for time and after being brought back to life with beautiful music I emerged refreshed, excited and ready for the day ahead. The Cabin will be on my winter checklist to get me through the busy winter months

Mel and Andrew have given Methven their all in creating this space, I for one am so grateful for their vision of wellbeing for the Methven community that they are willing to share with us. We owe them our continued support of such a wonderful facility.