Pilates Classes

Beginners Pilates – Introductory to Pilates ( compulsory for beginners)

Strength & Sculpt (Intermediate) – A mixed level workout designed to challenge mind and body with props and increased flow

Athletic Conditioning (Advanced) – This is an advanced workout, focusing on endurance, challenging the mind and body with advanced movement patterns (not for the faint hearted – must have previous Pilates experience) 

Barre – Sculpt long, lean, strong muscles with this energising, dynamic group class designed to challenge and change your body….no dance experience required. Total Barre blends pilates, dance, cardio and strength training specifically challenging arms, legs and core to strengthen and lengthen the body. This class will leave you feeling energised! 

~ To create a positive Pilates environment for everyone, please ensure you have the necessary Pilates experience (i.e. Core Foundation) before enrolling for a Strength & Sculpt or Athletic Conditioning class.

~ If you are unsure, or if you have an injury,  please contact AnnaFit first.

~ AnnaFit can also provide Body Assessments and 1:1 sessions to identify the ideal class for you to attend to ensure you benefit most from your Pilates journey.

~ All classes are run with the School Term

~ All Classes are run number dependent


Term Pass: $150/10 scheduled sessions (valid 1 term)

Flexible casual pass: $100/5 casual sessions (valid 6 months)

Casual day visit: $22/casual day visit

Please direct debit payment into Anna’s account:

Anna King
Annafit – 01-0834-0166058-00

Aqua Flow Classes

Aqua Flow is a 45 minute class that will give you a great all over body, low impact workout in the water. It will improve all major components of physical fitness – aerobic training, muscle strength, endurance, flexibility and will be fun. 

It will be delivered mainly in a circuit style format with modifications to increase or decrease the difficulty and intensity depending on your fitness level.  Aqua Flow will strengthen your muscles without stressing your joints, therefore is also recommended for people suffering from joint conditions or recovering from injury.  It also promotes better circulation and relaxation.

Aqua Flow

TERM: $100/10 scheduled sessions (valid 1 term)

DAY:$12/casual day visit

Please direct debit your payment into Pippa’s account:

Pippa Pavey
P O Pavey – 02-1253-0005357-001

Splash ‘n’ Swim


Water Awareness and Swimming Lessons

Lessons are held at Flow Pool and Studio in a beautiful private swimming pool. The water is heated to 33 degrees celsius, an ideal temperature to gain water awareness and learn to swim. Children are accompanied in the water by a parent/caregiver, gaining water awareness while having fun together.

Your instructor has been trained to focus on water safety, swimming strokes, and Infants/toddlers water awareness. Assisting with classes is the owner of Flow and an Austswim qualified teacher, Melanie Pedler. Melanie is a mother of three and has a Masters in Education with specialist training in hydrotherapy and inclusive education.

Classes are small and are held during the school term. Public Holidays excluded. Currently we have spaces available in the following classes:

Wednesday 10.00 am and 10.30am

10 Week Term Pass $150

Please direct debit your payment Flow’s account:

Flow Pool + Studio


Yoga Classes


Yin yoga is the oldest form of Yoga. It is a system of simple long held stretches without muscle tension that access the deeper tissues of the body called the fascia.  These stretches, strengthen & stimulate the fascia to encourage flexibility & freedom of movement in your body while releasing deep tension & relaxing the nervous system.  The outcome of which is a reduction of stress and an increase of regeneration in the body & mind.  The connective tissue is like plastic in fibre so it requires time to open (explaining the need for long holds.) This is when Yin becomes fascinating as each minute goes by, we feel the body open naturally – breathing into the tension and then exhaling to find that we have more space. With each breath the body sinks a little deeper.

Yin works to gently stretch your ligaments, joints, bones and your deep fascia networks in the body, enhance the flow of chi in your organs too. These classes have specialised poses that enable you to hold them for long periods of time (up to 5 mins). 


This Yoga class offers a flowing practise with options to challenge yourself physically, whilst co-ordinating breath awareness. Based in the Vinyasa style. All levels welcome


Slowing things down this term with a focus on long holds in poses to increase strength and flexibilty, targeting hip opening, wrist, upper body, core and leg strengthening.

Flow yoga is a style of physical yoga which combines fluid movement with holding poses for several breaths. A typical class begins with a warm up to get the spine and joints moving in all directions, then progresses to sun salutation variations and standing poses to build cardiovascular stamina and muscle strength. Balancing poses usually follow standing poses to improve stability and focus the mind. Class winds down with some poses on the floor to calm and open the body. Every class ends with a 5-8 minute relaxation/guided meditation. Breathing exercises or visualisations my be incorporated into the class to aid mental focus. 


If you’re new to practicing yoga and would like to spend some time working on the basics, then this is the class for you.  In these classes I will introduce yoga asana (postures) along with breath work and mindfulness.  Options and modifications will be demonstrated to suit varying abilities and personal limitations.This class is intended to help you feel more strength and flexibility in your physical body, working towards improving physical posture and reducing aches and pains.  Regular yoga practice can also help to clear the mind and improve focus, therefore contributing positively to your overall health and wellbeinCome along and see the benefits for yourself.  No experience necessary.  Any injuries please advise teacher before class.

“Words fail to convey the total nature of yoga, it has to be experienced”. B.K.S. Iyengar.


ZERO EXPERIENCE REQUIRED!  This Hot Yoga class is based on the classic 90 minute sequence of 26 Hatha yoga postures and 2 breathing exercises, also known as ‘Bikram Yoga’.  Bikram Choudhury of India designed this yoga sequence to take to the West.  The series is designed to work your whole body from the inside out.  The postures are not complicated, nor do they require dance-like co-ordination. Anyone can practice this yoga; it truly is accessible to all.  Classes are taught in a motivating and no-nonsense way that empowers the student to become their own teacher.  The room will be heated to 35 degrees; warm enough to get a sweat up but not so hot to have you feeling overwhelmed.  The mental strength required to get through a Hot Yoga class will translate to your everyday life and you will start to notice many improvements.  So, whether you want to; transform your physical body; be more patient with your kids; reduce your back pain; improve your athletic performance; clear your head; become more mindful; or simply feel more confident within yourself; the hot yoga practice is a great place to start! “I look forward to meeting you”  Lisa. 


Yoga practice designed specifically for pregnant women.  Class will focus on movement and breathing to help reduce the aches, pains and general discomfort that comes with pregnancy.  Learning mindful breathing techniques can help with making childbirth more comfortable, and also help you to manage the stresses of motherhood.  Anyone with pregnancy complications or injuries please seek approval from Dr/Midwife before beginning a yoga practice.  Class limited to 10 women. This is a lovely way to connect with other Mums in your community.   Bookings in 5-week blocks only.


A slower paced vinyasa flow suitable for all abilities.
Explore your curiosity about mindfulness and meditation in a practical way, so you can start to introduce these self care practices within your life.
Relaxation is a focus here; a perfect class to prepare for a restful sleep.


Lisa + Jess Flexi Pass: $170/10 sessions (valid 6 months)

Yogi Term Pass: $150/Term (valid 1 term) 

Jess 5 Session Pass: $90/5 sessions (valid 3 months)

Yoga casual day visit: $22

Please direct debit your payment into your Instructor’s account: 

Jess Dray


Lisa Kirby

Yoga With Lisa – 01-0505-0932401-00

Katie Collins





Studio timetable is liable to change depending on class numbers, the season and exciting new classes on offer!

Dance Classes


My classes are centred around individual creativity and expression. Even if we are working on a specific style of dance I aim to incorporate aspects of self empowerment and self acknowledgement. I aim to share the love of dance and create a safe, fun environment for people to explore movement in a holistic yet modern way.
Jazz funk is a modern style of dance, using top charts modern pop and R&B hits. Jazz funk is a fusion of hip hop and modern jazz. This style of dance is very sensual, sexy and empowering.
Please wear comfortable clothes that make you feel good, and you will be dancing barefoot.
I look forward to dancing with you soon


I am so honoured to be teaching contemporary movement at Flow!
My contemporary movement classes are suitable for ages 14-18 years old.
Contemporary combines modern jazz, lyrical and self expression all into one. It is a very diverse style of dance and can be done in many different ways. Contemporary (as per the name) is an abstract style of dance that allows space for all kinds of movement that lie deep within the imagination.
In this class we will practice many different movement exercises that involve partner/group work to create mind and body connect. This class is very playful and will allow you to release and express yourself in a safe environment, whilst gaining connection with others through movement and exploration.
(We will not be working towards dance exams or qualifications)
Please bring a water bottle, long pants (for floor work), knee pads if you have any. We will be dancing in barefoot.


I am so excited to be offering kid’s contemporary dance at Flow for ages 9-13years!
Kids contemporary will be a class that is based around expressive dance, combined with elements of modern jazz and lyrical dance.
In these classes we will do different types of movement exercises to create a mind body connect, to allow the young ones to experience connection with other students through play and self expression.
My style of teaching contemporary is not traditionally structured, and we will not be working towards any exams or dance qualifications. I am hoping to create a space where I can facilitate a safe space for connection and expression through movement.
It is advised that kids bring a water bottle, comfortable long pants (as we use the floor often). We will be dancing in barefoot.

Dance Classes
Casual class – $20.00

Term Pass (10 weeks) – $150.00

Term Pass (9 weeks) – $135.00

Please direct debit your payment into your Instructor’s account:
Jessica Dray